Door to door services may include the following:

  • Consultancy service for both places of origin as well as destination
  • Logistic handling such as flight booking, departure as well as arrival handling up to both side
  • Prepare complete export/import formalities such as import permit, blood tests, health exam...etc

Port to door:

  • Consultation on importation only, you may need to seek advices from agent at place of origin
  • Arrival cargo handling
  • Delivery to residence area

Door to port:

  • Consultation on both exportation as well as destination part
  • Prepare complete export/import formalities such as import permit (some of the countries import permit need handle by local agent), blood test, health exam....etc
  • This services does not include destination services such as import custom clearance, cargo collection, delivery to quarantine or residence area
  • Hand carry: you will check in with your pet at departure airport as hand-carry, keep your pet inside of the travel crate and place your pet under/in front of your seat up to destination.
  • Excess Luggage: your pet will travel under your air-ticket, you will check in with your pet at departure airport, after checked in, airline staff will take care and upload your pet to airplane when the departure time is closer. You will receive your pet at destination airport as oversize luggage arrival counter.
  • Manifest Cargo: your pet will check in/check out from cargo terminal, no person is required to fly with your pet.

Nowadays, most of the crate is labeled “Airline Approved” but this does not mean it’s 100% fits to travel. Airline is very strict on the animals’ travel crate and different type of the crates may require for some special breeds e.g., “fighting breed” “short nose/brachycephalic breed” so please aware and check the requirements before placing your order. Here is the crate sample fits for more of the breeds and accept by most of the airline as well.


Pet Crate


Yes, this for sure. We can arrange professional pet boarding service for your pet until your home is ready.

  • Let your pet get use to busy street, loud noise from time to time, put pet inside a travel crate and bring him/her to busy streets, prepare them for going to strange environment.
  • Let your pet try to stay inside travel crate from time to time and leave them alone for short period of time. If they have to travel long haul flight, you may let them stay inside the crate for longer period gradually.
  • Your positive attitude towards the trip for your pet is vital, your pet for sure do get your emotional support.
  • Do not ever exercise your pet within few days before departure, pet should keep calm and relax. 

A small/soft toy or a thin blanket/towel is allowed, however, you may have decide any item that your pet may chew and eat will cause dangerous for your pet.

We/most of the veterinarians suggest do not sedate your pet. This can increase the risk of heart/respiratory/dehydrated problems. And in fact, most of the airline does not accept that pet is sedated.

To avoid stomach upset, please feed only small amount of food at least 6 hours before departure time, allow small amount of water when needed.

Preferably not. Most of the airlines do not accept because of the security/destination restriction/clearance issues.

Your pet will go into cargo hold, the plane's belly which is specifically designated for Live Animals, the carrying aircraft will have oxygenated, heated cargo hold, much the same as the passenger cabin.

Yes, safety is one of the most important issue. We have a very good reference record on moving thousands of pets for over 20 years.

It may look as simple issue as look up informations over the net then to do it step by step...etc, but, we have the knowledge and experience that cover many details in all expect that one may not be able to learn and achieve in a short period of time, in particular, pets are life members of families, we do not agree on taking any chances.

No, we provide professional services that we charge reasonable price, your trust to us to ensure your pet’s safely and smooth journey is our pride. In fact, after comparison, most of the pet’s owner will choose us!