• Alex

    One dog Russia to Hong Kong , Export-A-Pet take care for 6 months then export to Australia

    I want to thank you personally for your great assistance during last 6 months with transferring our dog - Joy from Moscow to Perth, Australia.

    Your willingness to help and prompt replies helped all our family during the difficult and nervous period. Thank you for answering all stupid and paranoiac questions, hope you understand that it was only try to be sure that all is fine with a dog. Those photo you sent us was very supportive.


  • Yvonne Pet

    Two cats Hong Kong to Australia

    It's Yvonne Ball here from Perth. I hope everything is going really well with you the team at Export-a-Pet.

    You might remember BC and Rascal .You won't believe this but it looks like we're moving to Hong Kong! Rob has been offered a job there so we'll be taking the girls back! 

    Hopefully it's a lot easier this time in terms of quarantine. Any help you can provide on what we need to do would be absolutely fantastic! We'll probably by heading up there in 6 to 7 weeks.


  • Typhoon and Bobo

    Two cats Hong Kong to Vietnam

    Typhoon and Bobo are settling in well. . .they are exploring and very curious  about everything here new to them. 
    I am very happy that they are now here with me. So much appreciate your kindness and patience. Thank you again.


  • Snow Pet

    One cat Australia to China

    Thank you for following up.

    Yes I have received Tahiti's original vaccination certificates.

    I also want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for taking good care of Tahiti, and keeping me updated. You have been amazing!

    All the best wishes to you.